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Project Manager

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    Ash Beckford

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This role will be working with a team of 12, with differing degrees of specialisation and expertise.

Finder's Fee

If the role is filled with a candidate you have invited.*


If the role is filled with a candidate that one of your trusted sources introduced to you.*

Your trusted source

* Based on the estimated salary


Project Management


IT and Software Development


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From here you can view and edit details of the role." }, { element: ".bakd_mxpa_expertfinder", title: "How much do I get?", content: "If you place a candidate in the role alone, this is how much you will make.", placement: "bottom" }, { element: ".bakd_mxpa_expertsharedfinder", title: "Shared fees", content: "This box shows you what reward you will get if one of your trusted sources finds the right candidate for this role.", placement: "bottom" }, { element: ".bakd_mxpa_trustsharedfinder", title: "If you get some help", content: "This box shows you what reward your trusted source will get if they find the right candidaate for this role.", placement: "bottom" }, { orphan: true, backdrop: true, template: "

", title: "What's next? ", content: "You now have two choices - either send this role to a candidate you know, or send it to someone you know who will help you find the right candidate.

Take your pick! Both routes in this tutorial will bring you back to this point so you can choose either." } ] }); jQuery(window).load(function($) { tour.init(true); tour.start(true); tour.goTo(0); }); // Define links for the two buttons on the last step of the tour function doCandidateLink(){ window.location = ""; }; function doTrustedSourceLink(){ window.location = ""; };
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