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Project Manager - Awaiting expert approval

Congratulations the candidate has accepted your oppportunity.

Please review the details of the application, if everything looks correct, please forward the candidate to the Expert.

Congratulations! Your client has approved this opportunity and has agreed to the terms and conditions if this candidate is placed.

To continue, please invite your candidate to interview.

Ok, your client has been sent an email requesting they approve your candidate for interview.

Please make sure you follow up with a call and or separate email when you feel is relevant. My Expert People will not remind you to chase your client for approval so please make sure you make a note to do this yourself!

Congratulations, your candidate accepted this opportunity.

Time to review all the details of the role and the candidate before you send them to your client.

If you have any queries, check with your candidate first, but the sooner you get the role to your client the better!

Please action:

Send the opportunity to your client.

You do not have permission to view this form.

Opportunity details:


  • Candidate

    Maurice Mossby
  • Client

    Jill Waites
  • Opportunity created by

    Ash Beckford

  • Role owner

    Ash Beckford

  • Estimated salary


  • Finder's fee


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Opportunity team

Jill Waites


Ash Beckford


Maurice Mossby



Opportunity created on 18/01/2016 at 12:52 pm - 2 hours ago


Project Manager

  • Created


  • Location


  • Estimated salary


  • Estimated start date


  • Company


  • Open Status



This role will be working with a team of 12, with differing degrees of specialisation and expertise.

Finder's fee


Skills sought

Project Management


IT and Software Development


Microloft - Microloft

  • Company


  • Location

  • Date added

    2016-01-14 15:42:05

  • Telephone

    07890 123456

  • Email



Business address

Microloft House,

123 London Road,




This role will be working with a team of 12, with differing degrees of specialisation and expertise.

Skills sought



Maurice Mossby


I am a computing expert that has credentials in networking and systems control applications. I have a degree in Computer Science and am passionate about dogs. I live in a cottage with my pet fish and rabbit. 

Employment history

Technical Lead - 2011 to present

System Engineer - 2004 to 2011

Role criteria
  • Location: Maurice hasn't entered an biography yet.
  • Desired salary: 2500000
  • Duration: Temporary contract
  • Target organisations:

    IT, Corporate Web Systems, Network engineering.

  • Avoiding organisations:


Notice period

1 month


C++, Copywriting, Creative Writing


Aerospace and Defence, IT and Software Development



Cancel opportunity

If you would like to cancel this opportunity permanently then please click the 'cancel opportunity' link below.

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