Recommend a candidate tutorial (pt2)

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Recommend a candidate for the role

Role overview:

Role Salary Location Skills Industries Status Start Date  
Project Manager £72,000.00 London Project Management IT and Software Development Open 01/05/2016  

Select your candidate

Your candidates:

Candidate Salary Location Skills Industries Availability Start Date Action
Maurice Mossby £65,000.00 Not added C++, Copywriting, Creative Writing Aerospace and Defence, IT and Software Development Available 1 month Recommended:
No opps created

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", storage: false, steps: [ { orphan: true, backdrop: true, template: "

", title: "Recommend a candidate ", content: "On this page you will see a summary of the role and the top of the page, and all of your candidates at the bottom of the page." }, { element: ".frm_submit input", title: "Recommend a candidate ", content: "Click the 'submit' button next to the candidate you want to recommend for this role.", placement: "bottom", template: "

", } ] }); jQuery(window).load(function($) { tour.init(true); tour.start(true); tour.goTo(0); });
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