Add client tutorial

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Add a new client

.bran_mxpa {background-color:#5e246e;} a#dummySubmitBtn{width: 120px; height: 46px; display: block; background: transparent; border: none; outline: none; position: relative; top: -50px;} input[type='file'] {color: transparent;} (function($){ // Disable form fields $("input").attr("disabled", true); $("textarea").attr("disabled", true); $("select").attr("disabled", true); // Insert dummy submit link on top of submit button $("").insertAfter(".frm_submit input"); })(jQuery); // Add numbered classes to form fields (function($) { $('input, textarea, select').each(function(i) { $(this).attr('class',i); }); })(jQuery); // Define fillForm function fillForm(){ (function($){ // Populate form fields $("input.8").attr("value","Jill"); $("input.9").attr("value","Waites"); $("input.10").attr("value","Jill Waites"); $("select.13 option[value='11742']").attr("selected","true"); $("input.14").attr("value","07890 123456"); $("input.15").attr("value",""); $("input.16").attr("value","Microloft"); $("textarea.17").val("Microloft House" + "n" + "Microloft" + "n" + "123 London Road" + "n" + "London"); $("input.18").attr("value","W1A 1AA"); $("input.19").attr("value",""); $("select.20 option[value='3639']").attr("selected","true"); $("select.21 option[value='11474']").attr("selected","true"); $("input.22").attr("value",""); $("input.23").attr("value",""); $("input.24").attr("value",""); $("input.25").attr("value",""); })(jQuery); }; // Instance the tour var tour = new Tour({ template: "

", storage: false, steps: [ { orphan: true, backdrop: true, template: "

", title: "Add a client ", content: "This is the 'Add a new client' form where you can add the details of your client that you're trying to fill a role for.", onNext: function (tour) { return fillForm(); } }, { element: "input.10", title: "Add a client ", content: "When you're adding a client, simply follow the steps to complete the form.", placement: "bottom" }, { element: ".frm_submit input", template: "

", title: "Add a client ", content: "Once the form is completed, click the submit button to add the client.", placement: "bottom" } ] }); jQuery(window).load(function($) { tour.init(true); tour.start(true); tour.goTo(0); });
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