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Delivering effective and practical guidance in the Asset Management space.

> The Asset Management space is vast, and increasingly diverse. Although Asset Managers remain at its epicentre, there are a large, and varied, number of participants (on both buy and sell sides).

Asset Managers must navigate, and manage, multiple and varied external relationships, as well as the impacts of changing Market regulations. This is all in addition to still effectively delivering upon their key business objectives.

> We are here to consult, guide, support, and help with aspects of these challenges. Such as, but not limited to:
* Client/investor relationship management and support
* Third party/service provider relationship management and support
* Business strategy development, and support (internal/external)
* Business transformation support and guidance (operational/people)
* Contractual negotiations business support and guidance
* Regulatory impacts business support and guidance
* NED services

> Engagements can be strategic, tactical, or both. From short term help, to longer term, ongoing guidance, and support. Either in a fully delegated, independent working capacity. Or closely partnering with, and effectively working as part of, your onsite team.

> Contact for more information:

Umran Akhtar, Managing Director
+44 (0)7725 289 136